DIY make a loop over a horizontally drilled bead or pearl

Drop shaped beads with the hole crossing the top is often used in necklaces, but with a piece of silver wire (like the one we use in this example) the beads can be adapted in a way that makes it possible to use them for earrings or as pendant in a necklace. The trick is to provide it with a pretty wire loop it can hang on. In contrast to making a loop over a normal, round bead (Click here for the instructions: How to make a loop for a hanging bead), you have to gather to pieces of wire for a loop over a bead drilled sideways. There is certainly more than one method how to do it, but the one we show you here is the best in our opinion. Alternatively, you can use trianglular jumprings or ice pick bails, but then the beads will be in danger of falling out.


For our example with earrings we worked
with the following jewellery materials:

Horizontally drilled beads.
The glass beads shown in the pictures are
available in various colours on 


2 x 5cm silver-plated beading wire
with a diameter of 0.5mm.
Alternatively, you can use a headpin.

Filigree butterfly pendant


Silver earwires 



Round-nose pliers, flat-nose pliers, side-cutter pliers.
All three pairs of pliers are available as a jewellery tool set.



DIY instructions:

Take a headpin or a piece of metallic thread and
thread it through the hole in the bead.
On one side the wire sticking out has to be
longer than on the other.



Bend the wire along the two sides of the bead.
Coss the wires above the bead.


Shape a loop with the longer piece of wire using
the round-nose pliers.
(For instructions see: How to make a loop)



Hold the short piece of wire and the loop 

in place using a pair of flat-nose pliers.

The short piece of wire will be encased,
once the windings are finished.


Form to windings around the short piece of wire 
underneath the loop and the short excess 
piece of wire. 

Best suited for doing this are flat-nosed pliers
or chain-nosed pliers,
but round-nosed pliers will do, too.




Work downwards starting directly underneath
the loop down to the bead.
Be accurate and pay attention to that the
windings are even and next to each other.




This is how it should look like once the 

two windings are finished.



Cut the remaining piece of wire off with 

side-cutter pliers, as close as you can.

Then you press the to wire ends inwards
so that they do not stick out.



Open the earwires with the flat-nosed pliers.


First, you hang the filigree pendant on the earwire.




Then, you insert the bead.

Press the earwire together again with the
chain-nosed pliers so the pendants will not fall out.



Your lovely earrings are done!

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