Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to some of the most common questions for our support phone.

See general operation status from our web shop provider / credit card:


My credit card does not work
Your card may not yet be enabled to use newer security solutions. The common term for these security solutions is "3-D Secure". For Visa, the solution is called "Verified by Visa", and for Mastercard it is called "Mastercard SecureCode". You can usually activate your card via online banking or contact your bank.

Cannot approve the order / cannot get to the credit card entry page
I have entered all my address details on the Order Information page and have also ticked "I agree to the terms of trade" at the bottom, but I am still returned to the same page every time I press "Approve".
Using the auto-fill feature usually causes this problem. suggested solution:
Delete all content in address fields etc. on the check-out page.
Then manually enter all information in the asterisk (*) marked fields and avoid using special characters or the auto-fill function.
Avoid filling in the fields for VAT number and EAN number, if you must, fill in only one of the fields, not both at the same time.
check for any error message at the bottom of the page when you press "Approve" 
check that the "I confirm the terms of trade" box just above the "Approve" button is ticked.
all mandatory fields marked with " * " on the address page are filled in correctly
the phone number field contains only numbers (no letters, spaces or special characters)
your email is spelled correctly and with "@" and ".dk", ".de", ".com" or similar at the end. 
I've tried the above but still no luck.
Are you using an I-pad or smartphone? We have found that there can be problems when using certain mobile devices. In that case, the solution is to try to repeat the order on a PC or via another type of browser.

My Mastercard is not accepted during payment
The payment gateway destinguishes between Mastercard and Mastercar Debit, therefore make sure you select the right type of Mastercard from the icons list before typing your card number, otherwise the transaction will fail.

Problems with updating the shopping basket / make the shopping basket "remember" the products you wish to purchase

Our system uses cookies to control the contents of the shopping basket. A cookie is simply the term for a file that is saved onto your own computer. If you have made your browser block cookies, the shopping basket cannot "remember" what you have bought. Therefore you need to turn on "allow cookies" in your browser.
Also check that your computer's Firewall isn't blocking communication between the shop and the browser.
If you wish to delete informations saved as cookies later on, this can be done in the browster settings. In Internet Explorer, this is done through the menu "Functions" and then "Internet settings".

Is not allowed to confirm the order / cannot access the credit card information page
I have entered all my address information into the Order information page and has also marked "I accept the terms and conditions" below, but I'm sent back to the same page every time I press "Confirm" anyway.

There can be several causes for this problem.
First, check for a possible error-message on top of the page, as well as be sure that all boxes (marked with a *) on the address page is filled in correctly, that there are only numbers in the telephone box and postal code box, that your email is written correctly with an "@" and the correct domain in the end.
If you still cannot access further, try erasing all the address information completely one by one, and then repeat entering the information.

I have tried the above but still with no luck.
Are you using an iPad? We have learned that there can be problems when using iPads. In this case, reattempting the order on a computer should be the solution.

Problems with credit card entry
I have entered my credit card number, date and security code from the back of the card, but cannot get further.
Double check that the card number is filled in correctly only with numbers and without spaces, and, of course, that your credit card has been activated by the bank and that there's money on it.
Optionally delete all information in the number boxes and begin from scratch again.

Problems with adding products to the shopping basket
Do you have problems with adding items to your shopping basket, or do the items suddenly disappear? Try again with another browser, e.g. Firefox or another computer, check that your broswer is allowing cookies as well.
Try holding down the Ctrl-button while you press the "Order" button. If it works it's because your pop-up blocker is too strict.
If you have had troubles with an order that cannot be solved with any of the above, we'll gladly hear from you on our phone: +4588385908

Cannot order with an iPad / keeps being sent back to the address page all the time
You may have filled in an address box wrong or you may need to fill in something. When you are sent back, scroll up to the top of the page where there should be an error message explaining your problems.
We have experienced problems when ordering with iPads. The easiest solution is to repeat the order on a normal PC. You can also try using another browser or check your iPad's safety settings, which may be set too high. 

It's late and I actually need the parts tomorrow, is it possible for you to send my order today?
Either give us a call or write to us, in most cases we can squeeze in your order if it's urgent :-)

Do you get the same discounts in the stores as you do on the internet?
No, the stores don't have the same discounts as the web shop, on the other hand the assortment is up to 20% bigger in the stores and you have the opportunity to buy only 1 pearl or bead of each type as well as whole strings for a lower price, whereas, on the web shop, you often need to buy settled portions of identical pearls/beads at a time, however with a quantity discount.

Ordering, delivery and shipping
I have just received a confirmation that my order has been shipped with Post Danmark, but it's past 18.00-?
We live close to the Mailcenter, where you can submit mail up until 22.30 and still have them delivered the next day, which we often make use of.

I still haven't received my order and it has been several days since I got the confirmation mail telling me it was sent. 
The order is probably (80% of the time) at your local post office. They have most likely tried to deliver the package while you weren't at home, but they have forgotten to give you a note informing you that it's in the post office.
In addition, check that your name is clearly written on your mailbox as well as you have entered your full address on the order.

How much is postage?
Postage is calculated according to the collective weight of your order, however at least 1,88
Normally we don't require surcharges for handling, but follow Post Danmark's current stamping prices as well as a posting meter, and a few cents for packaging.

I have just ordered some items and have payed with credit card, but I forgot some items, what do I do?
Order the missing items the same way and send us an email at, informing us that the two orders are actually one. We will then manually remove the excess postage before the amount is deducted from your card. Resevations are made in case the first order may already have been shipped.

Missing or flawed
I have received my order, but one or more items are missing.
We do our absolute best to make sure that errors like these don't occur, but alas, we're just humans. If an item is missing from your order, we'll of course resend the missing products.
Sometimes we unite more bags in 1, e.g. if 3x6 pearls have been purchased, we usually send one bag with 18 pearls in them instead of 3 bags with 6 pearls. Because of this, please count the amount of your pearls before you contact us concerning a lack of bags.

I have received my order, but there are obvious flaws on one or more items.
We do our absolute best to ensure that errors like this don't occur, and usually examine the products before shipping them, but mistakes may happen in passing, or the items may get damaged during shipment. Call us and we'll replace the faulty products, possibly after they are returned to us. We'll refund your shipment costs if the return is justified.

About terms and definitions in the web shop
On the picture it says " 6pcs. 3,89 ", but in the shopping basket it says 1pc. 3,89€.
What can and should I expect?

As stated on the product, you receive 6pcs. One unit = 6pcs. The basket always shows units with x amount of products.


When you write "gilded/silver coated/gold coloured" and don't write anything after, like 295s or brass, what does the material under the coating consist of? And what does the coating consist of and how thick is it?
We retail different products from different suppliers who have different standards, which makes it very difficult to say something definitive.
If the product states "silver", it is surely sterling silver. Gilding and coating, as a general rule, consists of 14 carats, but the thickness of the coating isn't always the same. The best indicator of the quality is, in this case, the price. If it's called golden, silver coloured or gold coloured, it means that we don't believe there's genuine gold in the product, but that the product is simply coloured brass, iron or cobber. The durability of these products are generally not as good as real gilded silver or dublé. If it doesn't say that the product is gilded silver or gilded brass, but just gilded, it's usually brass underneath the coating. However, in some cases it could be cobber.

Concerning quantity discounts and bulk buys
Can I, as a regular person, get a discount by buying larger amounts?
Yes, there are two kinds of discount in the web shop, Step-wise quantity discount and Total-amount discount, and it is possible to achieve both at the same time.
Step-wise quantity discount is given when purchasing e.g. 3pcs. of a product that usually costs 3,89€ per piece, the prodcuct costs 3,60€, when buying 6pcs. it costs 3€, etcetera. You can see if the chosen
product offers Step-wise discount on the product page, which you access by clicking the product's link or picture.
Total-amount discount is automatically given as a dicsounted percentage when buying for more than 60€, pre-postage. See the section "discounts" under the menu "Customer Info" to check the current Total-amount discount.
Note - both types of discounts are only available through the web shop and only by private customers.

Can I, as a company, get a special discount? 
Yes, as a general guideline we have a basic discount for companies as well as large accounts on 5%. Furthermore, specific comodity groups have up to 30% discount.
To B2B/large account discounts, all the above discounts are added. To become registered with a login which accesses the company discount, you'll be asked to send us a mail with your company information:
Address, phone, Cvr.-number, contact.

Can I get the same products in the stores in Copenhagen, as the ones in the web shop?
Yes, we always have the same products in the store as in the webshop, and we usually have the biggest assortment in the stores.

Can I get the same products in the stores in Copenhagen at the same prices as the ones in the web shop? 
We strive to keep the same low unit prices in the stores as well as in the web shop, but we don't always give the same quantity discounts in the store as we give on the internet, and vice versa. Aditionally, we sell all pearls and beads per piece in the stores where you usually need to buy more of one bead/pearl on the webshop.