Sodalite - blue/white

Sodalite beads in a rich royal blue colour with white spots. Sodalite is a mineral known for its ultramarine colour but even so its crystals are known to be almost transparent. It is named after its high sodium contents, and is closely related to lazurite.


Sodalite is particularly known for its royal blue color in combination with darker and white markings.


In astrology, sodalite is used to counteract negative emotions such as anxiety and can be particularly rewarding for sensitive and melancholic individuals.

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Sodalite: The gemstone for clarity and intuition

Sodalite, a jewel of clarity and intuition, carries the story of sky reflections captured in the womb of the earth. With its deep blue color and traces of white, sodalite has been recognized over the ages for its connection to inner truth and spiritual growth.


Historically, sodalite was considered a stone of truth and clarity. It was used by various civilizations as an amulet to promote communication and enhance understanding. Today, sodalite is still used in the jewelry industry to create pieces that radiate an aura of inner wisdom and peace.


Sodalite in the light of spirituality and holism

Spiritual properties associated with sodalite include its ability to promote intuition and open the third eye chakra. It is believed to strengthen the connection to our inner truth, increase mental clarity, and foster communication on a deeper level.


Among gemstones, sodalite tells a story of clarity and connection, a stone that not only adorns but also symbolizes inner wisdom and spiritual growth. Continuing to enchant with its deep blue color and traces of white, sodalite reminds us of the power of communication and connection to our inner truth.