Ball chain connectors

Here you find our selection of connectors and clasps for necklaces made of ball chain. Additionally, you will find cups and end pieces for rhinestone chains and clamp-ons with eyelet or loop for ball chain.

You can use these simple connectors for necklaces that are long enough to be pulled over the head. Bead tips, crimp beads and clamp-ons with eyelet are used for shorter ball chain necklaces that have to be provided with a normal jewelry clasp. Clamp-ons with eyelet can also be a part of a pearl necklace with silk thread where they hide the knots at the end of the tread (for this purpose you would use a bit of glue between silk and metal) and connect it to the clasp on the one side and a jumpring or eye on the other.

For inspiration and DIY guides on jewellery with ball chain please visit our blog.

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