Beads & Pearls

Find the beads for your next beaded jewelry piece here!

Put your unique stamp on the trendy bead necklace, bead bracelet, earrings and other creative bead jewelry of the future.

Here you can dive into our creative universe filled with beads of all kinds. Get inspired to make your own jewelry, combine colors and materials and find your very own creative expression. You'll find everything from semi-precious stones to freshwater pearls, wooden beads, mother-of-pearls, enamel beads, glass beads, seed beads and much, much more.

Whether you want to make bracelets, necklaces or earrings, you'll find the perfect beads for jewelry here. We make a virtue of offering all the best for both beginners and seasoned jewelry enthusiasts.

We have our finger on the pulse of what's happening in the jewelry world, so our selection of beads is constantly growing. We also believe that everyone should have the chance to adorn themselves with beautiful jewelry. That's why we always strive to push the price down and give you the best and cheapest prices for the best beads and most beautiful beads.

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Find beads specifically for earrings, bracelets or necklaces

Some people love to make earrings in different designs and shapes. Others are more into necklaces or bracelets, and then there are those who, like ourselves, love it all equally. When buying beads for your next jewelry project, it's a good idea to think about what kind of jewelry you want to make beforehand. There are beads that are particularly well suited to one or the other.

Drilled beads are great for earrings and finger rings

For earrings, it's often a good idea to use seed beads. The fact that the beads are pierced means that they do not have a hole all the way through. They are therefore suitable both for stud earrings and as pendants in a pair of hoops, for example, where you can attach them with pin loops. Together with the lugs, they can also be used as pendants on bracelets.

Make a pearl necklace and decorate it with pendants

When making necklaces, you can actually use anything. Make a long string of classic pierced beads, explore our wide range of pendants and symbols, or embellish with tassels, feathers and pompoms. Let your creativity run wild and make jewelry that suits your style.

Find the perfect beads for your bracelet

Our bracelet beads and charms category has everything you could dream of if you love making bracelets. You'll find beads designed for heavy leather cords as well as flat straps - meaning the holes are shaped to fit different types of bracelets perfectly. We always tell you how big the holes are, so you can be sure they'll fit on the cord or strap you've chosen.

You can make cheap jewelry that looks like a million bucks

Many of us have played with different plastic or wooden beads as children. You can also find them here with us, but we also have exclusive materials that will take your homemade jewelry to a whole new level. And the beautiful beads in, for example, semi-precious stones or mother-of-pearl are no more difficult to work with than other types of beads, so even beginners can make jewelry that looks like something from the red carpet.

When you make your own jewelry with freshwater pearls, crystal or semi-precious stones such as topaz and amethyst, it's easy to create something that exudes exclusivity and elegance. It's also a way to make cheap jewelry that still looks amazing because you only pay for the materials and do the work yourself.

For sparkle and shine, look at our crystal beads, faceted glass beads and zirconia. For a timeless and stylish look, freshwater pearls - either the round ones as in the classic pearl necklaces or the more rustic ones - are always a sure winner.

Choose small and delicate or more eye-catching pearls for jewelry

One of the most important things for us at is to ensure that you always find a large and varied selection of beads for jewelry. Sometimes you want to make a big and eye-catching statement necklace, and other times you just want a minimalist bracelet that goes with everything.

That's why you'll find everything from large cloisonné beads with the most beautiful patterns and colors to tiny glass beads - and everything in between. Making jewelry is all about self-expression and choosing the materials you like best.

We hope you will take some time to click on our different types of beads and dive into the many sizes, shapes and materials. Hopefully, you'll find just what you're looking for - and maybe you'll even be challenged to challenge yourself and your creativity with beautiful beads you've never worked with before.

Get inspiration for designs and techniques on our jewelry blog

Do you have an idea for a fully finished design that you can't wait to try out? Or do you need a little nudge to get your inspiration and ideas flowing? If the latter is the case, check out our jewelry blog, which is full of DIY guides, inspiration and how-to techniques.

If you're a beginner, our blog is a great place to start, and if you're more experienced, you're sure to find new ways to challenge yourself and new techniques to add to your repertoire. In any case, we hope you'll be inspired and get your jewelry workshop up and running at home.