Half-drilled pearls & teardrops

Beads and pearls with only one hole

Here you find half-drilled freshwater pearls, gemstone beads and beads crested with crystals in teardrop or round shapes. Their common feature is that they only have one hole. For this reason they are especially well suited to be glued on earstuds with a peg or as pendants or charms for bracelets fastened with a jumpring.
In general, the only thing you need to attach these pearls to other jewelry components is a strong jewelry adhesive and there is rarely need for tools – working with half-drilled beads is simple and easy and the results are stunning.
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Half-drilled beads and stones are easy to work with

A great advantage when working with half-drilled stones and beads is that no special tools or equipment are required. Often, a strong jewelry glue is enough when mounting the beads, and the beads are therefore also suitable for beginners in DIY jewelry making.

The halfway through drilled beads are popular for earrings because they fit perfectly on studs and can be attached to everything from ear hooks, ear wires and ear chains with the help of eyepins. When using studs, you can also easily turn the fine stones or pearls into pendants or charms that can be attached to bracelets or necklaces.

At Smyks.com you will find half drilled beads of all kinds

Half-drilled pearls come in all sizes, colors and shapes, from the small ones that are perfect for a pair of stud earrings to the large ones that can be used for eye-catching statement jewelry. You can also mix sizes and colors for a stylish bohemian look.

If you're looking for inspiration for creative jewelry projects using the drilled semi precious stones and beads, you can find plenty of ideas on Smyks jewelry blog. For example, here you can find an inspiration post with lots of suggestions for jewelry with seed beads.