Sunstone as beads for jewelry making

Sunstone is a red semi-precious stone which was used as a navigation instrument by the Vikings to calculate the position of the sun. The stone can be found in Norway, Sweden and the US. When it is held towards a setting sun, it refracts the light. The red colour shade and the light refracting property of sunstone are due to its inclusion of cobber. Sunstone is a feldspar and - because of its likeness to aventurine - it is also known as aventurine-feldspar.

For inspiration and DIY guides on jewelry with sunstone beads and other gemstone, please go to our blog. We recommend Rings with semi-precious stones, Necklaces with large gemstones and Simple earrings.


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Sunstone: The Stone of Light, Creativity, and Energy

The sunstone, a jewel of light and energy, carries the story of the sun's radiant power captured in the treasures of the earth. With its golden luster and sparks of colors, the sunstone has been celebrated over time for its connection to joy, vitality, and personal strength.


Historically, the sunstone has been regarded as a stone of joy and energy. It has been used in various cultures as an amulet to promote optimism and instill inner strength. Today, the sunstone continues to be used in the jewelry industry to create pieces that radiate with joy and positivity.


Sunstone in the Light of Spirituality

Spiritual properties associated with the sunstone include its ability to promote life energy and enhance creativity. It is believed to stimulate the sacral chakra and bring a sense of vitality and happiness. The sunstone is also considered to be connected with personal strength and determination.


Are Moonstone and Sunstone Related?

Compared to moonstone, sunstone differs in its chemical composition. While moonstone is a type of feldspar with a bluish or whitish sheen, sunstone is a variation of oligoclase, also a form of feldspar but with inclusions of copper or other metals that give it its characteristic golden glow and colored flashes.


The two gemstones also differ in the energies attributed to them. Sunstone is often associated with the energy of the sun, believed to promote vitality, enthusiasm, and strength. It is said to connect the wearer with the life force, promote positivity, and bring light into life. Sunstone is considered a stone of personal strength and joy, providing energy to tackle challenges and fostering a positive attitude.


On the other hand, moonstone is said to be connected with the energy of the moon. It carries a gentler and nurturing energy that strengthens intuition, promotes inner peace, and supports feminine wisdom. Moonstone is believed to be soothing, supportive, and helpful in connecting with the emotional side of self-unfolding.


Although both stones are related to celestial bodies, the sun and the moon, they are ascribed different energies and are often used in practice to provide various forms of support and energy to the wearer.


Among gemstones, the sunstone tells a story of joy and energy, a stone that not only adorns but also symbolizes vitality and personal strength. Continuing to enchant with its golden luster and colorful sparks, the sunstone reminds us of the power of life energy and joy.