Raw diamonds

Genuine raw diamond pearls, unique and beautiful. 


The significant difference between raw diamonds and the diamonds you may know from, for example, the royal family lies in their treatment. The diamonds we sell are uncut but come from the same type of stone as other diamonds, and they still sparkle beautifully when the light hits them.


When buying raw diamonds, it is essential to note that special thread is needed to string these raw diamonds on necklaces/bracelets, as the hole is very small in diameter (0.3 mm). Click on the product, and you will find a link to the recommended thread under the product description.


From an astrological perspective, diamonds are seen as birthstones for individuals born under the signs of Leo and Aries. Diamonds are also considered lucky stones, especially for the zodiac signs Sagittarius and Capricorn.

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Origin and holistic origin of raw diamonds

Raw diamonds are gemstones in their natural, unprocessed state before undergoing the polishing process that gives them the shiny luster and precision we often associate with diamonds. These stones not only carry a unique aesthetic but also a deep history and spiritual significance that extends beyond their physical form.


The difference between raw diamonds and polished diamonds

The difference between raw diamonds and polished diamonds lies in their appearance and treatment. Raw diamonds have a raw, natural surface with irregular shapes and contours. They have not been cut, meaning they do not have the characteristic shiny surface we usually associate with diamonds. Polished diamonds, on the other hand, have been cut and faceted to showcase their inner brilliance and light reflections.


History and origin

The history of raw diamonds dates back to ancient times, where these stones were found and admired for their unique beauty in their natural state. In earlier times, raw diamonds were used as jewelry and symbolic objects, considered a gift from the earth and nature itself.


Holistic and astrological significance

Raw diamonds also have a deep spiritual and holistic significance. Some believers in crystal healing think that raw diamonds represent powerful energy close to their original form. This can be considered a strong connection to the earth's energy and a reminder of our natural state.


Astrologically, raw diamonds are said to have significance for Aries (March 21 - April 19). Capricorn symbolizes determination and a striving for success. The raw beauty and natural state of raw diamonds are said to resonate with the energy of Aries, courage, and initiative.