Golden Sandstone

Blue or brown golden sandstone beads

Here you find Smyks' selection of beautiful syntetic blue or golden sandstone beads used for jewelry. The stone is artificially made from stone powder and glimmer, but still very popular because of its deep and discreet glittering effect.

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Golden Sandstone: A Fascinating Gem with Unique Origins

Golden Sandstone, also known as Goldstone, is an enchanting stone that captivates with its unique origin, use in jewelry production, and deep connection to astrology and spirituality.


Origin and Chemical Composition

Golden Sandstone, also known as Goldstone, is an artificial stone with a slightly unconventional origin. It is created by melting quartz or feldspar and adding copper particles during the process. This results in the characteristic sparkling effect reminiscent of grains of sand glittering in sunlight. The stone's chemical composition primarily consists of silicon dioxide and copper particles, giving it its radiant golden color and sparkling properties.


Golden Sandstone in Jewelry

Golden Sandstone is highly popular in the world of jewelry due to its astonishing beauty and mystical glow. The golden color and sparkling inclusions make it ideal for jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Many designers choose this stone to infuse elegance and glamour into their jewelry collections. The sparkling surface of Golden Sandstone makes each piece a unique masterpiece, captivating the eye and igniting the imagination, resembling a picture of the universe's many stars, planets, and solar systems.


Golden Sandstone in Astrology and Spirituality

Golden Sandstone has long been associated with astrology and spirituality. It is said to have powerful energies that help enhance one's inner strength, self-confidence, and vitality. Some believe it aids in connecting with one's spiritual self and increases inner wisdom. The golden color symbolizes wealth and prosperity, said to attract prosperity and abundance into one's life.


In astrology, Golden Sandstone is considered a protective stone for those born under the Leo zodiac sign. It is believed to bring luck and positive changes into their lives.


In spirituality, Golden Sandstone is often used as a meditation stone. Many believe it helps strengthen the connection to the divine and promotes inner peace and clarity during meditation.


Golden Sandstone is not just a beautiful stone; it also carries deep symbolism and meaning in relation to both astrology and spirituality, making it a significant part of many people's lives and practices.


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