Swarovski & Preciosa beads

Crystal beads by Swarovski

Here you will find genuine crystal beads by the Austrian brand Swarovski in many shapes and colours. Swarovski is most probably the highest quality brand of crystal beads used for earrings, bracelets or any other jewelry piece. The selection of colours and shapes is huge. On these pages however we represent just some of the most popular shapes and colours for northern Europe.

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Choose classic Swarovski or Preciosa crystals and add colour to your everyday life

For decades, the Preciosa brand from the Czech Republic and Swarovski from Austria have been synonymous with the highest quality crystal beads. In fact, the jewellery company Swarovski was founded back in 1895 and has been selling jewellery and crystals of the highest quality throughout the years - even to royals.

Swarovski is probably best known for its clear and sparkling crystals - but there is also plenty to choose from for those who want to create jewellery with multiple colours. If you choose our bicone beads from Swarovski, there are several beautiful colours in the range, from golden shades to cool blues and the popular tanzanite-coloured crystal.

Beautiful pendants and fine crystal beads from Swarovski or Preciosa

By using genuine crystal beads, you can give your homemade DIY jewellery a classic and elegant look. If you want to create jewellery that exudes timeless luxury, you can choose one of the many beautiful pendants for a necklace or a set of earrings, for example. The faceted drops exude class in the same way as real pearls, giving your jewellery a touch of Hollywood and the red carpet.

To add a little more subtle glamour to your DIY creations, use faceted bicone beads from either Preciosa or Swarovski as intermediate beads along with other types of beads. Choose the clear crystals for a simple look or mix different colours to create your own personal look. The only limit is your imagination, and with the beautiful Swarovski crystals you can create everything from classic elegance to colourful luxury jewellery.