Jewelry Pliers

Pliers for jewelry making

Good pliers can make or break your jewellery project. If you know right away that you want to make jewellery making your hobby, it's worth investing in good pliers in the middle or upper price range. At Smyks, we have a range of jewellery making pliers to suit most needs. The very basic pliers are needle-nose pliers for pinching or holding, round-nose pliers for folding and pliers for cutting. With these three jewelry pliers you can make necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Other exciting pliers include the wire cutter for cutting wire with a straight cut, or the wire crimper, which allows you to close a necklace or bracelet professionally.
If you are unsure about what is suitable for your particular jewellery project, take a look at our jewellery blog where you will be able to find descriptions of what is most beneficial. Visit the Smyks Jewellery blog here.


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