Semi-precious mini bead strands

Strands of quality gemstone beads

Here you find Smyks’ selection of particularly beautiful beads made of semi-precious stones on a strand. The majority of the gemstones in this category are produced in India and Pakistan and most of them are hand-cut which means that each of the semi-precious stones was faceted individually by hand. This is why each individual stone is unique.

You can take only one of the gemstone beads and use it as a bracelet charm or you can take an entire strand to make a colourful necklace. These semi-precious beads are rather small and feature small holes. We recommend Tigertail beading wire with a diameter of 0.3 mm to create bracelets and necklaces with these stone beads.

If you are looking for individual gemstone beads or a smaller quantity, please go to the respective category in Gemstones & Semiprecious Stones.

For inspiration and DIY tutorials please go to our blog, for example to the post on Necklaces with beading wire.


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