Silver wire, tin wire & metal wire

Here you find different kinds of metal jewelry wire in several different qualities and diameters. All the wires listed in this category are especially well-suited for jewelry projects. All of our silver wires are made of sterling silver.

If you purchase more than one unit of a product, it will be delivered in one uncut piece.
Please note that cut pieces of wire cannot be returned.


Our Silver wire always consists of sterling silver, unless otherwise stated. It is of the quality HH (half-hard).
Silver coated wire is silver-coated brass. 
Gilded wire is either gilded sterling silver, brass or cobber, typically plated with 14-18 carat gold.
Our doublé is a brass wire with an especially durable gold coating with a higher gold percentage which makes it a lot more durable.
Cobber wire is 100% cobber , without any coating.
Our tin wire consists of approx. 95% tin and 5% silver.

All materials are hypoallergenic, nickel-free and comply with Danish law. Please note that the different wires are available in diameters ranging between 0.4mm - 2.0mm. So whether you're working on a wire sculpture, earrings or finer details in jewelry, you can always find the exact type of thread and diameter that is suitable for your piece of jewelry.

See also the related category Pearl wire & tin wire.

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Make a piece of jewelry with strong metal jewelry wire

Metal jewelry wire is a great choice for your jewelry projects if you want your jewelry to be strong and durable. Whether you choose a steel jewelry wire, a gold-plated silver wire, a gold wire, a silver wire, or another jewelry wire, your jewelry will be able to withstand the various stresses and strains of use. If you want to make sure that your jewelry will last long into the future, you should take a closer look at your options on this page. For example, you can choose our gold steel wire for jewelry or our silver wire for jewelry.

How to use metal wire for jewelry

Silver, gold or sterling silver jewelry wire can be used for a variety of creative jewelry. For example, if you love making jewelry, it's a good idea to have some gold wire. If you have jewelry wire, your imagination is the only limit to what your jewelry will look like.

With jewelry wire, you can make these jewelry projects, among others:

You can create beautiful bracelets
You can make cute earrings
You can make a simple necklace by, for example, just connecting several jewelry wires together
You can decorate a hair clip or a headband

Produce your own stylish jewelry with silver wire for jewelry making. With a good quality silver wire, you get a nice shiny metal wire that is easy to shape, while at the same time being an extremely strong material. Don't hold back on using silver wire when making stylish earrings or other jewelry. Take advantage of the beautiful shiny effect that silver wire has and hang beads or beads in your favorite colors on the wire.

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