Mother-of-pearl and Shell beads

Here you find a fine assortment of beads, shells, flowers, buttons and pendants made of genuine mother of pearl. These shimmering jewelry components are very easy to work with. You simply hang them on earwires, hoops or earstuds, you do not need any tools for that. Mother of pearl beads and pendants come in many colours like natural pearl white, red, blue and black, but each colour shade has got the iridescence typical for nacre.


Mix and match them with Smyks’ many other charms, such as enamel pendants or filigree pendants which also can easily be hooked on a pair of hoops.

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Mother of pearl: A natural and beautiful choice for jewelry making


Mother of pearl is a fascinating material created in nature by molluscs such as mussels and oysters. The process starts when these creatures protect themselves from foreign objects by storing a substance called aragonite around them. Over time, layers of aragonite form, resulting in mother-of-pearl. The fine sheen and color shifts that form in this layer are what give mother-of-pearl its unique and beautiful appearance.


Once harvested, mother-of-pearl is carefully cut and shaped into the gemstones and jewelry parts we sell here. Its versatility makes it ideal for jewelry production as it can be cut into different shapes and sizes, and its natural beauty gives jewelry a unique character.


Using mother-of-pearl in homemade jewelry making can add a beautiful and natural look to jewelry. Its shiny surface and changing colors make each piece unique. In addition to its aesthetic benefits, mother of pearl also has a sustainable side as it is a naturally occurring material and does not require extra energy or resources to create its unique beauty.