Genuine Agate beads for jewellery

Agate is an umbrella term for a comprehensive group of semi-precious stones of microcrystalline quartz which is very popular and suited for jewelry and jewelry making. The stones’ natural colours are mostly green, yellowish brown, red, grey and black shades, but nowadays, there are a lot of artificially dyed agate beads available, in many beautiful and durable colours.

In this category you find an assortment of natural stones as well as artificially dyed agate beads. Some of the different agate types we have in stock are banded agate, crackle agate, phenix agate, moss agate and Botswana agate. 

For inspiration and DIY guides on how to make jewelry with agate beads or other semi-precious stones, please visit our blog.


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Agate stones: stone types, jewelry making and astrological overview

Agate is a fascinating gemstone with a wide range of colors and patterns that make each stone unique. Agate comes in many different types and shades, and while they share common characteristics, there are also notable differences between them. Let's explore the different aspects of the agate stone, from its different types to its role in jewelry production and healing properties.


Agate stone for your jewelry projects

An agate stone, or agate stone as some may know the semi-precious stone, is widely used in jewelry creations. The large and exciting color universe of agate helps to make the stone popular, as almost everyone, regardless of color preference, can find an agate stone that suits their taste. Agate is also an affordable gemstone, which is why many people choose agate beads for their DIY jewelry.


Agate has a long history in jewelry production, stretching back to antiquity. It was used to create beads, necklaces, rings and other jewelry, often worn as amulets or protective items. Agate was considered a stone with protective properties and a source of luck and prosperity. Many ancient civilizations, including the Egyptians and Romans, used agate in their jewellery and artwork.


At, we have a large selection of agate beads in all the colors of the rainbow for your next DIY jewellery piece, whether you're planning to create a bracelet, necklace or something else.


In short: The different types of agates

Agate is a microcrystalline quartz that forms in layers and bands. It is known for its characteristic stripes, bands and colors. There is a wide variety of agate types ranging from blue, green, red, yellow, purple to shades of brown. The banding pattern in agate is formed by different minerals penetrating the layers during its formation. This results in the different colors and patterns that make each agate stone unique.


The agate stone presents a wonderful diversity of colors, patterns and properties that make each stone unique and breathtaking. Here's a closer exploration of some of the different types of agate stones we have here at Smyks and what makes them special:


Blue Agate: Blue agate stands for calm, harmony and communication. The blue color is known to promote peace and tranquility of mind, as well as honest and clear communication. It is often used to strengthen the throat chakra.


Botswana Agate: This type of agate originates from Botswana and is known for its distinctive bands of gray and pink hues. Botswana agate is believed to have a gentle and calming energy that can help relieve stress and anxiety.


Moss Agate: Moss agate has distinctive green or brown bands that resemble leaves or moss. It is said to be associated with nature and green surroundings and can help strengthen the connection to nature.


Wood Agate: Wood agate is a type of agate with patterns that resemble wood structures. It represents strength, stability and anchoring. Wood agate is said to help build and strengthen the connection to the earth.


Banded Agate: Banded agate has distinct bands or stripes of different colors. This type of agate is said to have an earthy and protective energy and helps build a connection to the earth and the energy of the universe.


Each type of agate stone carries its own unique properties and energies that can affect both body and mind. The choice of agate stone can depend on the specific wants and needs you wish to address through crystal healing and holistic practices.


Agate stones in holistic practices and astrology

Agate is a stone often used in crystal healing and holistic practices. It is said to have a grounding energy and can help create inner balance and stability. Agate can also support in relieving stress and boosting self-confidence. Different types of agate stones are said to have specific properties depending on their color and pattern.


Astrologically, agate is not linked to a specific zodiac sign, but it is said to have a general positive influence on all signs. Its grounding and protective energy can help stabilize and strengthen an individual's energy field.