Glue-in ends & snap lock clasps, golden

Gold-plated cord-ends and crimp-beads for jewelry cords

Here you find an extensive selection of cord ends and chain closings for necklaces as well as bracelets including crimp covers, crimp beads, clamp-on beads, glue-in ends, clasp sets and more made of gold-plated silver or gold-plated brass (doublé).
Crimp covers and clamp-on beads are usually used to close a strand of pearls or to combine several strands of pearls. Crimp beads are very often the link between the cord and the clasp.
A common feature of all the chain closings and cord ends in this category is that you either glue or clamp them to the cord.

For instructions on how to attach cord ends etc. to necklaces and bracelets please visit our blog where you will find a number of articles on this topic.


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