Gold-plated beads & charms

Gilded bracelet beads

Here you find a variety of gold-plated charms and sturdy beads with large holes or with jumprings which can directly be fastened to bracelets.
What goes with what?
For braided round leather cord, normal round leather cord and rubber strap, you should only use beads with a hole size that either matches or exceeds the diameter of the cord. (Please note that braided round leather cord marked 8mm usually is about 8.2mm.)
In general, t is possible to use beads with a 4,5mm hole or wider for a round-stitched leather cord with a diameter of 5mm.
Beads with a 4.5mm hole or wider can usually be stringed on an edge-stitched cord with a diameter of 4mm.
The hole is too small for the cord, what do I do?
Rubber strap: Cut the end of the strap to size, so it just barely passes through the bead. Then you pull the elastic strap so it becomes thinner and allows you to glide the beads on the strap
Braided cord: Pull the cord hard several times and let it run through your fingers. Additionally, you can apply a bit of oil or leather grease on the cord.
Stitched leather cord: Try to "screw" the bead onto the cord. If needed, remove the white nylon core from the end of the cord, so the cord becomes thinner and allows you to string the beads.
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