Elastic & nylon wire

Elastic cords for bracelets and other kinds of DIY jewellery. 
Nylon (fishing line) is e.g. used to create berry beads or to weave bracelets, but is also used as thread for gathering and securing several cord ends. The bracelet is easily secured with 2 to 3 knots and, if possible, a little dap of jewelry glue on the knot. If the knot is big, it can be hidden in a crimp cover or inside a pearl or bead with a large hole.

If you purchase several units of beading wire or cord, we will deliver the product in one uncut piece.

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Elastic bracelets are the perfect project for kids and beginners

elastic cord is perfect for making DIY bracelets that don't require special tools or much jewelry-making experience. When using elastic bands for bracelets instead of wire, for example, there is no need to attach any kind of locking mechanism - the bracelet can simply be closed with two or three tight knots and maybe a small amount of jewelry glue on the knot to secure it. If the knot is too visible, you can hide it with a crimp cover or in a bead with a large hole.

Find inspiration for DIY elastic jewelry at Smyks.com

We are not only one of the largest online retailers of beads and jewelry parts - we also want to inspire you to unfold your creativity with jewelry making. With elastic jewelry, it's easy to get started, even if you've never made jewelry before. Choose our fabric elastic in the thickness of your choice and decorate it with fine beads. With very little effort, you now have a unique and personalized hair elastic. You can also make a beautiful elastic bracelet in just a few minutes in the color combination you like best.

If you're looking for inspiration for more jewelry with elastic cord, visit Smyks´ DIY jewelry blog, which is full of guides and inspiration for your next jewelry project.