Jade (genuine and imitation)

Here you find our assortment of genuine jade and dyed jade beads. The term “dyed jade” refers to a material made of stone or rock which has undergone thermal treatment and colouring processes. The result are clear, fade-resistant and colour-fast beads. Please notice that dyed jade beads are not made of genuine jade. If the beads consist of genuine jade, it is stated in the product description.

Jade beads are beautiful on earrings, as bracelet charms and more. For inspiration and DIY guides on how to make jewelry with jade beads and other semi-precious stones, please visit our blog.

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What is Jade?


The coveted jade consists of crystallized minerals and is nearly as hard as quartz. Jade stones have traditionally been popular because they are both durable and malleable, making the stone suitable for both jewelry and sculptures.


The term "jade" actually refers to two different minerals, jadeite and nephrite. Jadeite is the more precious of the two, and the most sought-after jadeite comes from Myanmar. However, it is also found in Tibet, Mexico, and Japan. Nephrite is easier to come by and is found in a wide range of countries such as China, New Zealand, Taiwan, and the west coast of the United States.


The coveted jadeite from Myanmar, also known as Burmese jade or Burma jade, can be found here on the website in the form of beads in various sizes.


Create beautiful bracelets with green jade

Round jade beads are particularly popular in knotted bracelets. Here, you can create a bracelet exclusively from jade, or you can combine them with other types of semiprecious stones or glass beads. It all depends on your personality and how many different colors you want to incorporate.


Using jade in a necklace with round, uniform beads also achieves a very special and exclusive look. In our selection, you'll find many sizes and shapes of faceted beads ranging from 2 mm to large beads with a diameter of 10 mm.


When using the small beads, you can advantageously create multiple strands of bead necklaces to get a fuller look, or you can make several thin bead necklaces and wear them simultaneously. You can also combine them with other beads to create an even more personalized piece of jewelry according to your taste.


Find genuine jade online and in our store

In our online shop, you can always order jade beads from our large selection. Take a look at our assortment of Candy Jade as well. We deliver quickly, so you can soon get started with your homemade jewelry and creative ideas. If you'd like to see the beads in person, you can visit us at our store on Islands Brygge. Here, we're always ready to provide you with good advice on jewelry making, and you can also find plenty of inspiration for beautiful jewelry with beads.