Head pins & cup pins

When you create earrings or pendants with pearls or beads, one of the basic elements is the wire you use for shaping the eyelet over the bead. For this purpose, you mainly use prefabricated wire with a little ball or a flower in one end, so the pearl doesn't fall off. These wire-parts are commonly known as headpins. At Smyks we sell headpins in many different shapes and materials. Video of how to make a loop on a pearl.

You can learn how to create eyelets on pearls and beads with our jewellery guide or you can try the handy Looper. It can be a good idea to start with cheaper quality headpins to practice with. However, some basic tools like a pair of round-nose pliers, a pair of narrow flat-nose pliers and a pair of wire cutters are required to achieve a good result. If jewelry pliers are not yet part of your tool box, please go to our category jewelry tools.


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