Jade beads (candy jade)

Candy jade beads for jewelry making

The terms ‘candy jade’, ‘Malaysian jade’ or ‘Mashan jade’ all cover the same kind of stone. These fully dyed beads are produced synthetically of processed glass and/or stone powder. The characteristic features of candy jade are its intense colours as well as a grainy texture and high opacity. Genuine jade on the other hand is more translucent and features a smooth surface. Cady jade beads cannot be compared to genuine Chinese jade, but they are robust, durable, they do not stain and are definitely an affordable alternative.

These colourful beads are very decorative for any type of jewelry for example on summer bracelets. You can create one very quickly with an elastic cord and a few knots, but you can also use the beads to create earrings and necklaces.

For genuine jade beads and other dyed variates please go to the category Jade beads.


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