Smoky quartz

Here you find genuine smoky quarz beads for jewelry making.
Smoky quartz is a quartz type that varies in colour ranging from brown to black. Like other quartz stones, it is a silicon dioxide crystal. The smoky colour is a result of the natural radiation exposure of the silicon dioxide itself.

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Smoky Quartz: The Gemstone that Encapsulates the Depths and Mystique of the Earth

Smoky quartz carries the story of grounding and protection. With its deep, smoky glow, smoky quartz has been admired throughout the ages for its ability to connect with the earth's energy and protect the soul.


Historically, smoky quartz was recognized as a stone of earth connection and protection. It was used by various cultures as an amulet to absorb negative energy and create calm. Today, smoky quartz is still used in the jewelry industry to create pieces that radiate the stability of the earth and inner strength.


Smoky quartz's Connection to the Spiritual

Spiritual properties associated with smoky quartz include its ability to anchor and cleanse the energy around us. It is believed to strengthen the connection to the earth, bring balance, and remove negative thought patterns. Smoky quartz is also considered a stone that can bring calm and help release blockages.


Among gemstones, smoky quartz is a narrative of earth connection and protection, a stone that not only adorns but also symbolizes inner peace and strength. Continuing to enchant us with its deep smoky glow, smoky quartz reminds us of the power of protection and grounding in the energy of the earth.