Bayonet clasps & Hook clasps for jewellery

Various jewelry clasps with glue-in ends

Here you find Smyks’ wide range of robust jewelry clasps with glue-in ends. You fasten them by gluing the cord into it or by tying it around. The category consists of bayonet clasps, T-clasps, various hook clasp and similar items which all have in common that glue-in ends are a part of the jewelry clasp.
The characteristic of bayonet clasps is the fact that they close mechanically. In order to open it, you have to press a button or turn it. This is a safety feature which magnetic clasps for example do not have.
It is a particularity of T-clasps that they consist of only one metallic part. You close it by sliding it through a loop with is tightened around the clasp - typically with a ring bead.
All the types of clasps in this category are often used together with robust leather cord like round stitched leather cord or nylon products like paracord.
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