Round-stitched leather cord

Here you find exclusive soft round-stitched / machine stitched leather cord. The cord is made of fully dyed lamb leather and contains a soft cotton core which makes it particularly comfortable to wear, for example as a bracelet strap. You can decorate it with charms, beads and pearls and close it with a cord end or clasp which is directly glued to the ends with jewellery glue. For this purpose, we recommend our fully tested jewelry adhesive Loctite Gel.

Round-stitched snakeskin cord is available in the diameters 5mm and 6mm. It consists of snakeskin wrapped around calf leather, which makes the cord more durable.

The diameters stated in the product descriptions of the respective round-stitched leather cords are the actual measurements. This is why the cords definitely fit into the corresponding clasps. For example, a 5mm cord will fit into a clasp with a 5mm hole.
For a round-stitched 5mm cord, you can use beads with a hole size down to 4.5mm because the cord is soft and flexible. You can find beads for this type of cord in the categories Bracelet beads & charms and Steel beads & charms. Round-stitched leather is, just like edge-stitched leather/stitched leather, a cord with visible stitches, but with no significant edge.

The common feature of both circular-stitched and edge-stitched skin laces is that they are made up of limited lengths of skin, which results in more or less visible transitions approximately every 80 cm. Unfortunately, this cannot be completely avoided.

Please note: If you purchase several units of a cord, we will deliver the product in one uncut piece.

The hole is too small for the cord, what do I do?

Edge-stitched/round-stitched cord: Try to "screw" the bead onto the cord. If this does not work, you can remove the nylon core from one of the ends in order to make it thinner so the bead can be stringed.

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