Matsuno Seed Beads

Matsuno Seed beads for jewelry making

Seed beads or Rocailles is a common term for small colorful glass beads, which are mainly used for bead sewing, embroidery and bead weaving, but which have recently found renewed acceptance in the jewelry industry, where they are used for jewelry making in everything from earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Seed beads from Matsuno in Japan are especially known for their high quality and the uniformity of the pearls, which makes them very suitable for bead weaving and other jewelry making. Matsuno's seed bead beads are available with the same reverse size designation as other branded seed beads, namely starting with size # 6 as the largest, then size # 8, # 10, # 11 and finally size # 15 as the smallest. In this product group you will find Smyk's selection of small pearls from Matsuno. Please note we do not carry all of the sizes mentioned.

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