Finger rings

Here you find rings and ring bases which can be decorated with cabochons or similar jewelry components with a flat back. Rings with a peg can be decorated with half-drilled pearls or beads. The only thing you need to assemble your ring is jewelry glue. At the moment, a very popular combination are rings with emamel coins with a rim and with resin flowers.
Please note that many of our rings are adjustable in size, so they fit almost everyone.

For inspiration and DIY tutorials on rings, please visit our blog. Here are just a few examples:

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DIY Jewelry with enamel coins

Ring sizes are measured with different values in different countries. Here you have a translation:
size 48 = inner ring diameter 15.2 mm
size 50 = inner ring diameter 16 mm
size 52 = inner ring diameter 16.5 mm
size 54 = inner ring diameter 17 mm
size 56 = inner ring diameter 17.8 mm
size 58 = inner ring diameter 18.4 mm
size 60 = inner ring diameter 19 mm
size 62 = inner ring diameter 19.6 mm

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How to choose the right size finger rings

Before you start your next DIY jewelry ring project, you need to know your ring size. If you're not sure what size you need, there are several ways to find out.

The first is to simply use a tape measure to measure the circumference of your finger at the base. Here it is important that your fingers are not very hot or very cold, because the thickness of your fingers is affected by temperature. This is not the easiest or most accurate way to measure, which is why we also recommend the second method, which is to measure one of your old rings if you have one.

When measuring one of your old finger rings, the easiest way is to measure the inner diameter. You can do this by using a ruler. Once you have measured the inner diameter, you can "translate" it into your ring size using our chart below. Also, keep in mind that very wide finger rings require you to choose a larger size.

If you want to be on the safe side, or if you want to use the ring as a gift, you can always choose one of our adjustable finger rings.

Make the most beautiful finger rings with a single pearl or stone

It doesn't have to take a lot of time or expertise to create the most beautiful finger rings. Beginners can easily create red carpet-worthy jewelry that doesn't look at all homemade. For example, a finger ring with a plate that can be glued with cabochons (pearls and stones with a flat back), resin flowers and enameled coins can go a long way.

In the same family, you will find rings with a small pin on which you can glue a drilled bead. Just make sure that the hole in the bead is big enough for the pin to go in. There are also rings with a small bowl that a bead can fit into. The great advantage of these types of finger rings is that all you need is the finger ring itself, the desired pearl or stone, and a small amount of jewelry glue.

Customize your look with thick or thin finger rings

With a thick finger ring, you can create a personal statement piece in the color and style you want. That's one of the great things about finger rings; they can be eye-catching and extravagant, or they can be delicate and discreet. That's why you'll also find thin finger rings that don't draw quite as much attention.

With a thin finger ring, you can attach a stone or pearl and let it take all the attention, or you can combine several finger rings - even on the same finger - to create an interesting and different look. You could leave some of the rings plain, while gluing eye-catching beads on some of the others. You can also wrap silver or gold-plated wire around the rings, as we do on our popular wrap rings.

See our wide range of genuine silver rings

If our silver rings are labeled 'silver', you can be sure that they are made from genuine 925 sterling silver. Our silver is regularly checked by the precious metals control, and we take pride in selling jewelry parts in the best, genuine materials. Therefore, all our finger rings are naturally nickel-free - and this applies not only to our silver rings, but to all materials.

The fact that a finger ring is made of 925 sterling silver means that it consists of 92.5% pure silver. Silver itself is such a soft material that it cannot be used for jewelry. Therefore, it is mixed with another metal - usually copper - for greater strength and durability. This is why 925 is considered a stamp of quality.

Make your own gold design finger rings

If you're looking for rings with a golden look, you'll also find a wide range of rings in gold-plated silver and brass. In the case of gold-plated silver, you can always be sure that 925 sterling silver has been used. It will always be stated on the individual product whether it is made of gold-plated silver or gold-plated brass.

Gold-plated rings are perfect if you want an exclusive look, and they go beautifully with, for example, the special glow you find in freshwater pearls. Semi-precious stones also look particularly good on gold-look rings.