Lepidolite - purple

Lepidolite in different shades of purple, lilac and lavender with sparks of white. Our lepidolite beads are in a beautiful galaxy purple.

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Lepidolite: A gemstone known for its delicate beauty since ancient Greece

Lepidolite, a stone with a deep connection to peace and inner balance, has a history as ancient as the Earth itself. Known for its beautiful purple color and glossy quality, lepidolite has long been used to promote tranquility and harmony.


Historically, lepidolite was used by the Greeks and Romans as an amulet to calm the mind and reduce stress. In modern times, lepidolite is still used in the jewelry industry to create pieces that carry a sense of inner peace and serenity.


The spiritual properties of lepidolite

Holistically, lepidolite is said to have soothing and balancing properties. It is believed to reduce anxiety, promote sleep, and create a deep sense of inner peace and balance. Spiritually, lepidolite is considered a stone that can open the mind to new thoughts and perspectives, as well as strengthen intuition and the connection to the spiritual.


Among gemstones, lepidolite is a treasure from nature, a stone that not only carries its unique beauty but also suggests a deep connection to inner calm and spiritual balance. A stone that not only adorns but also creates a space for inner peace and tranquility in its wearer.