Pyrite - golden

Here you find our assortment of pyrite beads ranging from nuggets to cubes and from faceted to round beads. Pyrite is also known as iron pyrite or fool's gold. It is a compound of iron and sulfur (FeS2) and can be found all over the globe. Pyrite is one of the harder minerals, its colour is a brass-like yellow or silver with a metallic shine. When heated, the mineral becomes a bit magnetic but it is neither luminous nor radioactive.

For inspiration and DIY guides on how to make jewelry with pyrite and other gemstone beads, please visit our blog. For example, we used pyrite nuggets and cube beads in our post on Necklaces with large gemstones.

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Pyrite for jewelry making

At Smyks, we take pride in our versatile selection of pyrite stones in various shades. Our customers can choose from beads, cubes, and many other exciting, unconventional shapes. We offer pyrite in convenient sets of 2 or as strands with up to 180 pieces, making it easy to create jewelry in any style and size.


Pyrite stones can add a unique dimension to your jewelry. Its natural beauty and sparkling properties provide visual appeal and add character and personality to the pieces. It symbolizes strength, protection, and prosperity, giving deeper meaning to personal jewelry. Whether for bracelets, necklaces, or earrings, pyrite brings an extraordinary shine and elegance to jewelry collections.


What is pyrite?

Pyrite, also called "svovlkis" or "narreguld" in Danish and Fool's Gold in English, is a stone often mistaken for gold due to its appearance. The color varies between brass yellow and silver, and pyrite has a distinctive metallic luster with a greenish-brown streak. It is composed of iron and sulfur (FeS2) and ranks among the "harder" minerals. Upon heating, it becomes weakly magnetic. An interesting feature is that there is no luminescence or radioactivity associated with this fascinating mineral, making it a remarkable and versatile stone.


Where is pyrite found?

Pyrite is a widespread mineral found throughout the world. It most commonly appears as small grains embedded in other rocks, but it can also form impressive large, cubic crystals with dimensions up to 1 meter. In Denmark, pyrite can be found in the alum shale formation on Bornholm and in lignite deposits in Central Jutland. These locations offer fascinating geological discoveries that attract both collectors and scientists. As a versatile mineral, pyrite has a unique aesthetic appeal and is simultaneously a valuable element in geological research, bearing witness to the Earth's history and its incredible formation.


Pyrite's properties

Pyrite is known to have a range of beneficial properties for humans. In addition to its aesthetic value, it is said to have protective properties against viruses and bacterial infections while strengthening cell and bone structures. In spiritual practice, pyrite is often related to the Manipura chakra, located at the solar plexus, and is said to contribute to strengthening this energy center. Furthermore, pyrite's properties are believed to be particularly beneficial for individuals born under the Leo zodiac sign, as it can enhance their characteristic traits and energy. Pyrite is, therefore, a valuable stone that combines both physical and spiritual benefits.


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We are proud of our extensive range of pyrite in various shades and shapes that will enrich your jewelry creations. With us, you can expect reasonable prices without compromising on quality. Our fast delivery ensures that you receive your desired pyrite stones quickly, allowing you to start your jewelry projects promptly. Explore our assortment and discover the beauty and significance that pyrite can add to your jewelry.