Tuff-Cord, strong thread for beads and jewelry making

This American-made super-thread has countless uses and it is known to be stronger than nylon or silk. The thread is made of 3 braided synthetic fibers, which provide maximum strength. The thread does not stretch over time and does not fray, a true favorite among many jewelry designers. Tuff-Cord is so stiff that it can be used directly on beads without a needle. If you want to use it double, we recommend using a split needle. Tuff-Cord is a good alternative to Tiger-tail pearl wire, as it is more flexible and, for example, allows you to make knots on it without compromising on strength.

Size #1 (0.274 mm) is very suitable for micromacramé projects using small beads and crystals. Sold on spools of 92 m.

Size #2 (0.335 mm) is a slightly rare size that is very suitable for medium-sized beads of 6-8mm. Sold on spools of 60 m.

Size #3 (0.411 mm) is popular for micro-macramé and macramé projects and strings with stone, glass and metal beads that can be a little sharp. Sold on spools of 40 m.

Size #5 (0.55 mm) is very strong and fairly stiff, suitable for large-sized beads of 12-30mm. Sold on spools of 30 m.

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