Edge-stitched & Stitched leather cord

Stitched skin cord for jewelry making is made of soft lamb leather folded around a nylon core, which makes it particularly flexible and well-suited for bracelets. This kind of jewellery is typically closed with a magnetic clasp which is fastened to the leather cord with jewelry glue. The bracelet can be decorated with bracelet beads, charms and pendants.

This kind of stitched cord is of the same quality as round stitched leather cord, but here the stitching is on the outside and forms a little fold or edge.

Please notice that the measurements for this kind of stitched or edge-stitched leather do not include the rim or edge of the cord, which usually adds another 1mm to the thickness. This is why we recommend a 6mm clasp for a 5mm stitched cord.


If you want to make a bracelet, please allow at least 20cm of cord for each turn around the wrist. That means, if you want to wrap the bracelet twice around your wrist, take 40cm and so on.

Please note:

If you purchase several units of a product, the cord will be delivered in one uncut piece (if possible).
In some cases, there are visible transitions on stitched leather cord. This is unfortunately inevitable with cord of this type and price.


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