Magnetic clasps

Jewellery clasps with magnets

Magnetic clasps for jewelry are both practical, cheap and very disabled- and child-friendly compared to traditional jewelry clasps. The designs of our magnetic clasps range widely from very simple clasps for unisex or men’s bracelets to more feminine, heart-shaped clasps with crystals.
When you choose a magnetic clasp, please pay attention to how it will be fastened to your piece of jewelry. Some clasps have a large hole, well-suited for several cords or round-stitched leather cord, while others are better suited for a classic necklace with strung pearls or beads. We have magnetic clasps in steel, sterling silver and silver-plated brass as well as gold-plated brass and steel. All materials are nickel-free.
See more of our vast assortment in the category Bayonet clasps, T-clasps and hook clasps.
Guide! here's how to open the simple oval magnetic locks where one part disappears into the other (Mp4 video)


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