Onyx is a popular stone for jewelry making due to its beautiful, glossy appearance. It is particularly known for its shiny black nature, but Onyx can be found in a variety of colors. 


Here, you will find our selection of Onyx beads in the classic round shape, in the form of drops, faceted beads, and much more. Use the round Onyx beads in knotted bracelets, set a small, drilled bead on an earring, or do something entirely different. The possibilities are numerous with these fine, glossy beads.

You will find frosted/matte black gemstone beads in the category Blackstone.

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What is the Onyx stone?

Onyx stones are composed of several layers of chalcedony, a form of quartz. The layers often alternate between black and white, but there are also other colors besides the traditional black Onyx. For example, you can find Onyx in both green and blue - often, they will, however, be color-enhanced, meaning they have undergone a color-intensifying heat treatment. This, however, does not make them any less beautiful and suitable for jewelry making.


The name Onyx comes from Greek and means nail or claw. Onyx has been known and used for thousands of years; in ancient Egypt, various tools were made from Onyx, and in ancient times, the Romans and Greeks used the beautiful stones for jewelry, amulets, and as cutting tools. Over time, Onyx has been believed to have protective properties, and perhaps that's why it has been so popular to use as a gemstone.


How is Onyx used for jewelry today?

Today, Onyx is mainly used for jewelry making. Its deep black color and glossy appearance make it popular in knotted men's bracelets, where it can be combined with matte, black beads or beads in multiple colors. The bracelets are easy to make but look exclusive and luxurious with the glossy, uniform beads. At Smyks, you can also get round Onyx beads with engraved motifs in 18-carat gold, which add the finishing touch to your jewelry and give it an even more exclusive look. Here, Chinese motifs such as dragons are particularly popular.


Although the black color especially makes Onyx popular for men's jewelry, they are by no means limited to being used in more masculine pieces. A simple, black bead necklace made of small Onyx beads is both elegant and timeless, and there are also countless possibilities to create beautiful earrings with drop-shaped or faceted beads.


Holistic properties of Onyx

Onyx is known to be a stone of strength, protection, and balance. Its black color symbolizes the energy and stability of the earth. Some of the holistic properties attributed to Onyx include:


Protection: Onyx is considered a protective stone that helps absorb and deflect negative energy and bad karma. It creates a shield-like barrier around the wearer.

Strength: Onyx is said to contribute to both physical and mental resilience. It can provide a sense of inner strength and endurance to tackle challenges.

Balance: Onyx helps to create balance between body, mind, and spirit. It can calm emotional unrest and promote inner harmony.

Self-confidence: The stone is believed to strengthen self-confidence and provide the courage to express one's opinions and needs clearly.


Onyx in relation to astrology and zodiac signs

In astrology, Onyx is associated with the Capricorn zodiac sign (from December 22 to January 19) and is designated as Capricorn's birthstone. Capricorn symbolizes determination, decisiveness, and practical thinking. Onyx's properties complement these traits by offering protection and strength while helping to maintain balance in Capricorn's often busy life.


Cleansing Energy: Onyx is also said to have the ability to cleanse and renew the energy around it. It can help remove blockages and negativity that may hinder personal growth and development.


Find inspiration for jewelry with Onyx stones on our blog

Have you fallen in love with the beautiful Onyx stones but are not quite sure how to use them in your homemade jewelry? Then there is plenty of inspiration on our jewelry blog, where we have gathered a lot of ideas and guides for everything from classic, simple jewelry to the latest trends. You can either go to the blog and see the complete overview of creative jewelry projects or use our search function to look for projects with Onyx stones.


If you want to see the beads in person, you can visit us in our well-assorted store on Islands Brygge. Here, our experienced staff is also always ready to give you good advice along the way if you need guidance for your next jewelry project.