Miyuki Delica beads

Small delicate glass seed beads

Here you find our vast assortment of Delica beads, the tiny and high quality glass seed beads produced by the Japanese company Miyuki. Beads of this kind also go by the names of seed beads, roncailles or Greenland beads.They are especially suited for bead weaving, embroidery and sewing, but they can also be used as fine spacers. Compared to their small size, Delica beads have relatively big 0.8mm holes. This makes it easy to string them on headpins or on silver or gold-plated earring hoops.
Download Miyuki Delica color card here

Please note that we not always deliver the beads in small plastic tubes as the tubes can be out of our suppliers’ stock. Instead, we will send you the Delicas in little zip-lock bags.
You will find even more round minibeads in the category Seed beads.
For inspiration and DIY tutorials on jewelry with Delica beads, please visit our blog, for example the posts Delica jewelry, Delica hoop earrings or Delica with memory wire.

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