Light blue chalcedony is a microcystalline rock variety containing a high amount of quartz. This semi-precious stone occurs in different colour shades ranging from pure white to pale blue with speckles of brown, red and green. The gemstone is closely related to Carnelian, Agate, Onyx and Chrysoprase.

Blue Chalcedony beads are very popular gemstone beads because of their delicate blue colour. They add an aerial element to all kinds of jewelry and can easily be combined with semi-precious stone beads in other colour shades.


For inspiration and DIY guides on how to make jewelry with chalcedony beads and other semi-precious stone beads, please visit our blog.

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Calcedon: A Gemstone with Many Properties

Calcedon, a beautiful and versatile gemstone, has a long history and significance. Originally named after an ancient city in present-day Turkey, Calcedon was known in ancient Greece and the Roman Empire for its use in jewelry and art.


This stone, with its shades of blue, white, gray, or brown, has been popular in the jewelry industry for millennia, often cut into beads, cabochons, or sculptural forms for necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Calcedon has always been valued for its beauty and versatility in various jewelry designs.


Calcedon in a Spiritual Light

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, Calcedon is said to possess a range of holistic properties. Spiritually, it is considered a stone that promotes balance and harmony both physically and emotionally. It is believed to calm the mind, enhance communication, and improve emotional openness. Calcedon is also seen as a stone that can strengthen self-expression and creativity, as well as help build trust and self-confidence.


On a physical level, Calcedon is said to have soothing effects and alleviate inflammation, especially in the throat and respiratory areas. It is also said to promote digestive health and relieve tension in muscles and the nervous system.


Whether in the form of jewelry or used for holistic purposes, Calcedon has a rich history, beauty, and a variety of properties that have made it a cherished gemstone throughout the centuries.