Round beads & buttons

Colourful acrylic beads for DIY jewelry

Here you find our assortment of acrylic beads in many different shapes and bright colours. These beads are lightweight compared to their size and therefore especially well-suited for bracelets and necklaces. The beads are completely coloured, robust and durable.
To make summer bracelets quickly and easily without the use of a lock, you can use silicone elastic band for jewelry. String the acrylic beads on the elastic band, tighten and secure it with 2 - 3 knots and apply a little bit of adhesive on the knots, if necessary, to make sure that they do not open up again.

The acrylic dice and coin beads with letters of the alphabet are very popular for personalised bracelets or necklaces. You just string them on an elastic band. Have fun!

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