Cloisonné beads


Colourful cloisonné beads for jewelry 


Cloisonné beads are multi-coloured, enamelled beads inspired by traditional Chinese enamel work, featuring a unique ethnic look. The term “cloisonné” is French and refers to a special decorative enamelling technique with different vibrant colours. This technique is often applied on metallic objects like vases or jewellery parts. First, the surface of the respective object is divided into a pattern of small cells which are then filled with liquid enamel. Finally, the piece of art is hardened in the oven.

Cloisonné beads and jewelry components can be used for all kinds of jewelry from simple bracelets with elastic cords to earrings and necklaces.

Please note that all the beads shown on this page are handmade but are not decorated with genuine enamel which would contain lead. All beads are antiallergic.


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