Bracelet Beads & Charms


Jewelry beads for bracelets

Here you find charms and bracelet beads with an extra large hole which make them especially suitable for jewelry made of stitched leather cord, rubber strap or round braided leather cord. When you are shopping for beads for your bracelet, please make sure that they fit on the respective leather cord. Be aware of the diameter of the bracelet’s strap and the gauge of the beads’ holes. Generally pearls and beads with a 4.5mm hole can be used on a soft 5mm round cord, but there are always exceptions. When using rubber straps and braided leather cord, the hole of the bead has to be larger than the diameter of the strap.


For more beads with larger holes please browse the categories:
Crystal embellished parts and beads
Steel beads and charms


For bracelet clasps, glue-in ends etc. please go to:
Clasps, glue-in ends & wire clasps

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