Beading thread & wire

Assortment of beading thread and beading wire for necklaces and bracelets 

Choose between different sizes and colours of silk thread and Tigertail beading wire for necklaces or choose the Miyuki beading thread for weawing or sewing with beads.
We usually recommend beading silk thread for jewelry with freshwater pearls and Tigertail steel wire for designs with glass beads and gemstone beads. For bracelets we recommend elastic cord and nylon/fishing line to knot several cord ends together.

You will find inspiration and DIY jewelry tutorials on our blog:
Necklace with beading wire
Pearl necklace wih silk thread
Delica jewelry with memory wire
Please note: If you purchase several units of a product, we will deliver in one uncut piece. Unlike whole spools, cut products cannot be returned.
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Beading wire or jewelry wire - what do you need?

Different types of string and wire have different properties. Therefore, the choice of cord depends on the type of jewelry you will be using it for. We generally recommend pearl silk thread for freshwater pearl jewelry, Tigertail beading wire for glass beads and stone beads, elastic cords for bracelets, and nylon or fishing line only for tying several strands of string together or decorations.

For bead weaving and sewing with seed beads and Miyuki Delica beads, it is best to use Nymo, Miyuki, Fireline and Spiderwire beading threads. With metal memory wire, you can make all kinds of bracelets that wrap around the wrist many times by themselves and therefore do not need a traditional jewelry clasp.