Here you will find Smyks' selection of opal beads!


The gemstone opal is known for its pink and peachy hues. Opal is a non-crystalline form of the mineral silica and has been considered particularly valuable for many years, partly due to its dreamlike colors.


From a spiritual perspective, opal is associated with love and passion.

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Opal: A gemstone with a truly unique play of colors

Opal, a semi-precious stone full of mystique and changing beauty, carries the story of nature's unique creation. With its kaleidoscopic play of colors, opal has been revered over the centuries as a symbol of inspiration and creativity.


Historically, opal was considered a stone that brings luck and positive influence. It was worn by various cultures as an amulet to attract love and protection. Today, opal is still used in the jewelry industry to create enchanting pieces that capture the eye with their shifting colors.


The spiritual properties of opal

Holistically, opal is said to contain an energy of change and emotional healing. It is believed to promote inner peace and balance, enhance creativity, and open the mind to new possibilities. Spiritually, opal is considered a stone that can strengthen intuition and the connection to the spiritual.


Among gemstones, opal tells a story of beauty and magic, a stone that not only adorns but also symbolizes inspiration and emotional balance. A stone that continues to enchant with its changing play of colors and suggests a deep connection to the creative and spiritual aspects of life.