Fimo beads

Here you find our selection of Fimo beads in numerous varieties.

Among them are the classic round beads, patterned and multi-coloured beads in different diameters, but also Fimo tube beads and beads shaped as roses, hearts etc.
One plus of Fimo beads is their light weight. Compared to ordinary beads made of relatively heavy materials like semi-precious stones or glass, Fimo clay weighs very little, and so do bracelets or necklaces decorated with them – even lots of them. Their weight hardly bothers you. The colourful beads are easy to work with and can be used for decoration purposes other than jewellery. They can easily be glued onto different materials.
How to make one of the popular Fimo bracelets? You string the beads on 0.8mm silicone rubber band and close it with 3 tight knots. Done.

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