Larvikite - grey

Larvikite is a shimmering, labradorescent grey stone which is mainly found in the area around the town of Larvik in Southern Norway. The characteristic feature of this stone are the beautiful feldspar flakes which bring about the stone’s glimmering appearance. Larvikite is also marketed as blue pearl granite because of its flakes of feldspar. Larvikite is popular s a gemstone for jewelry but it is also used as a building material for the facades of exclusive shops and banks, especially in High Streets in the UK.

Go to our blog for inspiration and DIY instructions on how to make jewelry with larvikite beads and other semi-precious stones. We recommend the blog post  DIY Necklace with beading wire.

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Larvikite: A gemstone of Nordic mystique

Larvikite, a hidden treasure from the northern mountains, carries the story of Norway's magical landscapes and awe-inspiring nature. With its beautiful bluish and silvery hues, Larvikite is more than just a stone - it is a piece of Nordic mystique and beauty.


In the world of jewelry, Larvikite is used to create unique and enchanting pieces. Its fascinating colors and patterns give jewelry a subtle elegance and a connection to the strength and beauty of nature.


The spiritual properties of Larvikite

Holistically, Larvikite is said to contain the energy of the earth and the power of the northern regions. It is believed to promote inner peace and balance, strengthen intuition, and establish a connection to the rhythms and cycles of the earth. Larvikite is considered a stone that can open the mind and provide clarity, as well as strengthen the sense of protection and support.


Among gemstones, Larvikite is a treasure from the deep mountains of the North, a stone that carries not only the Nordic beauty but also its implied magic and connection to the forces of the earth. A stone that not only adorns but also connects the wearer to nature and its mystique.