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Welcome to an online universe full of jewelry making supplies and beads for DIY jewelry

At Smyks we hope to inspire and help you get started crafting your own beautiful DIY jewelry for both men and women. We offer all the necessary jewelry making supplies, such as pendants, stones and beads etc.

With Smyks you can find whatever you need to make your very own beautiful and unique jewelry, such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, finger rings or other type of adornment.

We carry a large selection of, among other things, semi-precious stones, seed beads, Delica beads, Swarovski crystals, Zirconia, charms, earrings, chains, leather pendants, finger rings as well as knotting cord for macrame knotting and so much more. We also offer watches, piercing jewellery and hair accessories in our wider product range.

If you’re looking to gift your creative jewelry to someone special, you can also present it in a lovely jewelry box or jewelry stand. Whatever you choose, you can find the perfect box and stand at Smyks.

DIY Jewelry and Jewelry Making Supplies

When you’re making your own jewellery, it’s important that you can find sound and competent advice. That is one of the things, you can find here at Smyks. We also offer cheap prices and fast delivery. By making your own jewelry, you don’t just save money. You’re also get the opportunity to add your own personal touch to the design. Whether you’re into modern minimalist jewellery or classical and baroque jewellery designs, we have the jewelry making supplies to do it. On our DIY Jewelry blog, you can find exciting and inspiring guides to Do-It-Yourself Jewelry, jewelry trends and fashionable colours.

Smyks was founded in Denmark and is an international company that sells high quality jewelry making supplies worldwide. That means, we do our best to provide you with excellent advice and services. We’re constantly trying to spread the “gospel” of the joys of DIY jewelry making.

In addition to our webshop, we also have a physical location in Copenhagen. Here you find the same wide range of jewelry making supplies and beads as on the webshop. You can also get advice from our friendly and competent staff, so you can find the right jewelry and supplies for your needs. We also offer monthly creative courses in jewelry making.

Crafting DIY Jewelry as an Act of Meditation

Crafting something with your own two hands can for many people be the secret to a long and healthy life. Even if you don’t notice it. Jewelry making fits that category to a T. When you create something by hand, it can even be meditative. Crafting jewelry is a reliable stress relief. Sometimes, when you feel overwhelmed, it’s nice to work with your hands. The specific piece of DIY jewelry isn’t as important, as creating something you like. Depending on what you feel like, you can make a bracelet, an earring, a ring, a necklace and so forth.

Save money – and Make Your Own DIY Jewelry

When you start making your own DIY jewelry, you’ll be surprised by how much money you can save. This is partly because you control how expensive (or inexpensive) your jewelry needs to be. That’s because you can choose cheaper or more expensive materials (from aluminium to rose gold), but also don’t have to pay for a worker’s effort and time.

If you’re just starting out, it’s a good idea to choose cheaper materials, and invest in more exclusive and expensive materials, as you improve your skill level. With this approach you don’t need to spend half your paycheck, buying jewelry in expensive designer-retail stores. You can also recreate your favorite designs – all on your own. If you use the same – or better – materials than the company, there’s a potential to save a lot of money. If you become skilled enough, you can even choose to sell your own line of unique jewelry. This could be a good supplement to your primary income, and – who knows? – maybe become your full-time job? The possibilities are endless.

DIY Jewelry and Jewelry Making Supplies – The Perfect Gift

DIY-jewelry can be an incredible gift for boys, girls, men, women and everyone in between. Who doesn’t like to receive gifts made with care? There’s no doubt that you’d be imbuing the gift with a tad more soul and get to truly express what the other person means to you. Semi-precious stones, for example, have very specific meanings that can reveal something about your relationship. If the receiver is very creative themselves, you can also offer them a Beginner’s Set, that also them to make their very own jewelry.

Easy Storage – How to Organize your Jewelry Making Supplies

Managing and storing your own Jewellery Making Supplies and DIY jewellery takes up less space than you might think. Other crafts, such as knitting and sewing, can take up a lot of extra room in the house, because you need room for sewing machines, tools and large amounts of yarn. But with jewellery you can keep most of your supplies in a small box, that is easy to organize. Spread joy with DYI It feels special and immensely satisfying to be able to say: “I made this.” Especially when others compliment your work. You shouldn’t be too shy to tell others about what you created. One of the most fundamental reasons for crafting your own jewelry is that it gives you the opportunity to create completely unique projects that are hard to compare to anything else. You just need to imagine the perfect piece of jewelry and then recreate it. No one else in the entire world will own that piece of jewelry. That’s undeniably a fantastic feeling. So awaken your inner jewelry designer and dive into a creative and colourful world full of beautiful jewelry making supplies!

Enjoy and have fun with your jewelry making

Df you do not already know Smyks, then in addition to our webshop, we also have a physical shop in Copenhagen, where we offer the same range of jewelry supplies and beads as the webshop, as well as holding creative jewelry courses. Here, you can get advice from our friendly and competent staff, and find all the jewelry supplies you could possibly need for your DIY jewelry. We hope that we have awoken your inner jewelry designer and that you will dive into a creative and colourful world full of beautiful jewelry supplies! Enjoy and have fun with your jewelry making.

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