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Here you can learn how to make your own beautiful, trendy, and modern jewelry with beads, charms and other materials. You can find guides for earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, and much more!

At, we constantly keep an eye on the latest fashion trends so we can create current designs that harmonize with the trends of the time. You will also find classic designs that never go out of style - we want to share the joy of DIY and creativity with you, no matter what your personal style and taste are.

Our guides have in common that they are thoroughly described and easy to follow, even if you are completely new to the world of jewelry making. Therefore, you will find ideas and guides for many easy and creative accessories you can make at home on this page.

Most designs are both inexpensive and quick to make, but turn into the finest jewelry that you can look forward to showing off. With our large selection of beads, pearls, jewelry parts, charms, chains, wire, and tools, you can also put your own personal touch on your next jewelry.

Open Pandoras Box of creativity and have fun in our creative DIY universe!

You will find the step-by-step guides here and our more detailed blog about different design further down the page.




Be inspired by our many DIY guides

You can see our blog as an online jewelry school. Just like in our in-house courses, we try to guide you thoroughly and understandably, in our online DIY guides, so you can create the most beautiful jewelry in your own home.

The detailed explanations are always accompanied by either pictures or videos that show the procedure, and we also write which materials and which jewelry tools you will need.

You can freely choose whether you want to use our creative ideas to create jewelry exactly like ours, or if you want to be inspired to create your own designs. If you are not quite comfortable with venturing into your own designs yet, you can start by playing with the colors and choosing your own favorite beads, pearls and materials instead of our suggestions.

From Hollywood to your hobby workshop

We love creating current designs that fit perfectly into the fashion scene with the leading trends. Therefore, you will find plenty of DIY instructions for jewelry that do not look homemade but could easily be used on the red carpet or in the next fashion week if necessary.

That's actually where we get a lot of our inspiration from - and you might be surprised at how easy it is to create your own earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that look like the stars' on the dot.

Overall, we hope to show that there are plenty of creative things you can do at home without a lot of equipment or experience and that will look like a million with our DIY blog.

Jewelry guides for both adults, children, and the young-at-heart

We don't believe that being creative is something you grow out of. That's why it's important for us to make guides that benefit different ages, skill levels, tastes, and needs.

It should be cozy and fun to do something creative, such as making homemade jewelry. We hope that our guides can provide an opportunity for a cozy afternoon in the world of beads and pearls where both children, parents, friends, and colleagues can slow down and gather around our jewelry universe.

We love to design and create DIY guides

As one of the only bead webshops in Denmark, we at Smyks are dedicated to developing new jewelry designs and DIY instructions for DIY jewelry. When you shop with us, you are directly supporting our work and ensuring that we can continue to deliver exciting content, guides, and inspiration to the delight of all jewelry enthusiasts such as yourself.

How our DIY guides and videos are made

We have our own creative designer who gathers inspiration from everything from fashion to interior design when she puts together new collections and makes DIY guides. You can read more about Charlotte and her work here.

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