Jumprings & O-rings

Here you find a wide range of jumprings for jewelry making. In addition, the category includes chain connectors, bracelet spacers, rubber rings, O-rings and bails made of aluminium, stainless steel, sterling silver, oxidised silver and gold-plated steel, brass and silver – among other materials.
Jumprings, which usually consist of different kinds of metal wire or silver wire, are used for all kinds of jewelry. Whether it is for connecting a clasp to a necklace or for mounting a charm to a bracelet - jumprings are a necessary basic component in the jewelry maker's tool kit. 

The popular chainmail jewelry-making technique requires many jumprings, sometimes in combination with rubber O-rings. Thesse colourful and sturdy jumpring variants made of aluminium are an especially popular and cheap alternative to rings made of silver.
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Jumprings and O-rings are indispensable in the jewelry maker's toolbox

A jumpring is basically a metal ring used to connect things together. That's why you'll often need them when you're working in jewelry making. For example, you need a jumpring to attach a pendant to an earring or a necklace, and jumprings are also needed to attach various locking mechanisms. The classic clasps are fitted using flat nose pliers and are shaped like simple rings, but there are a multitude of different clasps for different purposes.

For example, pin jumprings are great for drilled beads that are glued to the pin. They are available in a plain version, but also with a decorative border or other embellishments such as zircons and crystals. This is perfect if, for example, you want to make a pair of beautiful earrings that could use a little more embellishment. Ribbon rings are used when you want to attach charms to a sturdy leather or cowhide bracelet. Of course, all types are available in a variety of materials, so you'll find stainless steel, silver, gold-plated silver and more.


Combine metal jumprings with rubber O-rings in colorful chainmaille bracelets

For the popular chainmaille jewelry techniques, you'll need a lot of links, preferably in combination with rubber O-rings. Just like the eyelets, our O-rings come in different sizes. If you use large O-rings and spoons, your jewelry will have a more masculine look. For this type of jewelry, especially the colorful and durable variants in aluminum are very popular and an affordable alternative to rings in real silver. Remember to choose eyelets in O-rings of the same size if they are to be used together in, for example, a chainmaille bracelet.