Bead caps

Assorted bead caps made of genuine as well as imitated materials. (Please note that this selection does not include Tibetian silver bead caps which are a seperate category.)
The caps are made of hypoallergenic and relatively thin material which in many cases can be shaped and adjusted approx. 1-2 mm and fitted to the size of the respective bead or pearl. The diameter measurements indicate the outer diameter.
Bead caps are used especially as a decorative element on top of a pearl or between two pearls. They are often used in earrings where they create an ornamental top on hanging pearls, but they are also used in charms.
Gilded bead caps
Silver-coated and silver bead caps

Explanation of terms in the product descriptions:
Silver coated/plated/covered = coated with genuine silver
Gilded = coated with genuine gold
Golden/gold coloured = coated with imitation gold / gold coloured
Silver coloured = coated with imitation silver
Cobber-look = either genuine cobber or cobber coloured
Half-oxidised = dark silver coloured/ metallic colour.

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