Lava - rustic

Find a large selection of genuine lava raw beads at Smyks!

The selection ranges across different cuts, sizes and treatments, where the unique rustic expression of lava stone can always come through.

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Gemstones from the earth's core: Lava rocks


Lava rocks, formed from magma from volcanoes, have unique characteristics that make them particularly fascinating for jewelry making. Their porous surface and dark color give them a rustic and natural look.


Historically, lava stone was associated with energy from the earth and was considered to be a protective stone. Astrologically, it is considered a stone that strengthens the connection to the earth and helps anchor energy.


The chemical composition of lava rock is primarily basalt and includes minerals such as plagioclase, pyroxene and olivine. Its formation through the cooling of magma makes it rich in minerals and porous in structure.


In homemade jewelry, lava stones add a rustic and natural style. Their porosity makes them suitable for absorbing and retaining essential oils, making them popular in aromatherapy jewelry like diffuser bracelets. Beyond the aesthetics, lava stones bring an earthy quality to jewelry and can be used to create unique and personalized designs.


The natural black color and texture of lava stone makes it versatile, ideal for creating contrasts in jewelry designs and adding a unique and masculine dimension to any piece of handmade jewelry.