Gemstones & Semiprecious Stones

Sparkling diamonds, stunning rubies, raw amethysts, majestic moonstones, classic pearls or raw lava. The list is long and we could go on and on. 

At Smyks we have a huge selection of pearls and other jewelry materials in different gemstones and semi-precious stones. Semi-precious stones are natural stones that are dug up all over the world in caves, rocks and deep under the earth's surface. Each stone has its unique details and no two opals are identical.

Just like the individual uniqueness of the stones, we also know that you are looking for the stones in many different colors, shapes, sizes and treatments. That's why we have both small polished semi-precious stones for earrings and bracelets and large rough stones for larger pendants, brooches and necklaces.

Regardless of style and preferences in color, shape and texture, we are confident when we say that we have the gemstones and beads for your upcoming DIY jewelry.

Browse through our vast selection of gemstones for your DIY jewelry. These gemstones and semiprecious stones that can be used for all sorts of jewelry with pearl wire. When you purchase gemstones at Smyks, you will receive exquisite hand sorted stones and beads.

We try to deliver strung beads as often as possible. This is the case when the ordered amount of stones reaches or exceeds the amount needed for a strand and the product is available strung. For example: 6 bags containing 6pcs 10mm beads = 1 string, or 5 bags containing 6pcs 12mm beads = 1 string.

4mm bead strand = approx. 100 beads          

6mm bead strand = approx. 65 beads
8mm bead strand = approx. 50 beads      

10mm bead strand = approx. 39 beads

12mm bead strand = 33 beads                

14mm bead strand = 28 beads
16mm bead strand = 22 beads



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