Gilded jewellery parts

On these pages you find a large assortment of exciting gilded jewelry parts such as spheres, beads, spacing beads, bead caps, pendants, hearts, coins, stars and more. All items are either made of doublé, gilded sterling silver or gilded brass.
The jewelry parts are all subject to continuous precious metal controls in Denmark and are all hypoallergenic. At Smyks we only use high quality 925-sterling silver for all our silver and gold plated-silver jewelry components. If the product description says the item is made of silver, then you can always count on it being genuine Sterling silver. Latest inspection report from the precious metal inspection can be found here.
The term gilded sterling silver as it is used here stands for an 18 carat gilding, 1-1,5mm micron, on 925 sterling silver.
Doublé or Gold-filled is an especially durable gold alloy on brass. The advantage of doublé is that its golden appearance lasts even when the alloy itself is worn off because of the brass underneath.
Gilded brass or cobber is a material mainly used for fashion jewelry. The jewelry parts are usually lightweight but can vary in quality.
Gilded steel with an 18 carat gilding is extremely durable but relatively heavy.
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