Beads made of Wood and Bone

Beautiful wooden beads for your jewelry

Wooden beads are ideal for modern jewelry because they are light, natural and allergy-friendly. Beads made of wood and bone become more beautiful over time because they develop patina which gives your DIY jewelry a personal and rustic look. Their light weight enables you to create long necklaces that feel comfortable despite their length. The wooden beads come in many shapes and colours ranging from simple round beads to beatiful ornamented and ethnic looking beads

Beads made of bone have been used for jewelry for thousands of years. They have their own natural colour and look which cannot be imitated by other materials. The fact that we have evidence of bone beads from the early periods of human history proves one thing: They are very durable.

Our range of beads made of wood and bone goes from plain, round shapes to carved pendants that make a statement.

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