Prehnite is a yellow-green semi-precious stone found in Australia, South Africa, Germany and the USA. With its delicate light green colour and grape-like transparency, it is a gemstone very well suited for jewelry with an airy and feminine appeal.

According to spiritual and esoteric teachings, prehnite clarifies your self-concept and connects your true self with love. It makes you realise who you really are and what you want in life. It is a wonderful stone for ambitious people - and those seeking higher goals.

For inspiration and DIY tutorials on how to make jewelry with prehnite beads or other gemstones, please go to our blog.

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Prehnite: A gemstone with a connection to the heart

Prehnite, a gemstone of calm and healing, carries the story of nature's soothing power and inner balance. With its soft green color and transparent luster, prehnite has been admired over the centuries for its calm radiance and understood connection to the heart.


Historically, prehnite was considered a stone with calming and healing properties. It was used by ancient cultures as an amulet to promote peace and inner balance. Today, prehnite is still used in the jewelry industry to create pieces that radiate tranquility and harmony.


Prehnite's spiritual properties

Holistically, prehnite is said to contain an energy of peace and love. It is believed to strengthen the connection to the heart chakra and promote the feeling of inner peace and harmony. Spiritually, prehnite is considered a stone that can open the mind to compassion and understanding.


Among gemstones, prehnite tells a story of calm and healing, a stone that not only adorns but also symbolizes inner balance and a connection to the heart. A stone that continues to enchant with its gentle green color and suggests a deep connection to inner peace and love.